Artificial Hedge vs Artificial Green Wall

Did you know that artificial hedge wall are becoming a popular choice for adding greenery to indoor and outdoor spaces?

Versatile decor of artificial hedge and artificial green wall offer a low-maintenance solution for enhancing your surroundings with a touch of nature. Whether you're looking to spruce up your patio, office, or event space, both provide an easy way to introduce greenery without the hassle of watering or pruning.

What are the benefits of artificial hedge vs artificial green wall? In this article we compare the two, while looking at the benefits of faux hedge.

Let's find out.


Artificial hedges and artificial plant walls can often be referred to as "artificial landscaping". They are forms of home décor that combine the benefits of natural plants with the use of faux materials to mimic the form of real plants.

What is an artificial hedge?

Each unit consists of a 5-sided covering of faux plant panels and an internal support structure (e.g., metal frame) that is typically used to define a boundary, provide privacy screening, or serve as a landscaping element.

It can be placed independently or put together to a continuous fencing without being dependent on a building wall. Artificial hedges are typically mounted to planter boxes and added additional ground anchors for more stable in outdoor areas.

What is an artificial green wall?

An artificial green wall can be called a fake living wall, artificial vertical garden, or faux plant wall as well.

Artificial green walls are usually assembled in several panel segments that can be fixed to walls or other vertical surfaces using screws, nail plugs or ties to create a three-dimensional backdrop similar to a real plant wall.

Which Is Better: Artificial Hedge or Artificial Green Wall?

It depends.

We’ll be talking a lot about this topic but at the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preferences. Fortunately (or unfortunately), there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

So, to find the best artificial plant wall for you, we’ll go through the pros and cons of artificial hedge and artificial green wall.

Artificial Hedge vs Artificial Green Wall graph

Pros and Cons of Artificial Hedge


Design diversity
Artificial hedges are available in a range of design options to customize to specific space requirements and can be paired with different styles of planter boxes to add to space aesthetics. Whether for home garden, office space or event decor, these hedges provide a natural appearance without the hassle of maintaining real plants.
Freestanding artificial hedges provide a green atmosphere wherever placed. Whether your compact balcony or spacious garden, they can maximize space, fit seamlessly into small and large spaces, and bring greenery indoor or outdoor .
Easily moved
Artificial hedges with planter box usually designed as a movable structure, adding casters to the space layout is more flexible, at any time according to venue needs or personal preferences for position adjustment, to add more changes and vitality to the space.
Designed for outdoors
Artificial hedges are made from durable materials with UV protection added to long-lasting and resistance to all weather conditions. It will keep fresh for a long time, even when exposed to sunlight, rain and wind outdoors.
Quick Installation
When considering the installation process of a free-standing artificial hedge, rest assured that it's simple. No cutting, no complicated tools, just follow the instructions. Even with a planter box, it's easy for anyone to assemble without specialized skills.
Easy maintenance
Artificial hedges without a lot of maintenance time and cost. Simply clean the surface regularly to keep it looking great, ideal for busy modern lifestyles.


Higher Cost
In contrast to a regular artificial plant wall, artificial hedge with planter box design increases the production and material cost, so price may be higher and unsuitable for consumers with limited budget.
Space Needs
Artificial hedges are limited in placement, although movable, have a certain footprint and cannot be mounted directly to a wall.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Green Wall


Lasting and Durable
Artificial plant walls are made from quality materials to maintain a pleasing appearance for long periods of time. If you want to place outdoors in direct sunlight, choose one with UV protection that won't easily fade or warp.
Space Saving
Artificial plant wall can be installed on the wall and not floor space, especially for interior backdrop or fence. It can effectively enhance the greenery and comfort of the space.
Design Diversity
Artificial plant walls can be customized according to design needs, for various shapes, patterns and colors, to create a three-dimensional green decorative effect.
Zero Maintenance
Artificial plant walls are neatly trimmed and no watering, saving a great deal of maintenance time and cost. Simply clean the surface regularly for dust to keep it looking fresh, perfect for busy modern lifestyles.


Complex installation
Installation of artificial plant wall is relatively complicated with considering the support structure and wall load-bearing, may need to be cut or professionals to install, adding a certain cost and workload.
Lack of realism
Although the artificial plant wall can be comparable to real plants in appearance, it still can't completely replace them in texture and touch, can't improve the indoor air, and lacks the sense of animation of real plants.

How Does Artificial Hedge and Artificial Green Wall Work?

Artificial hedges and artificial green walls are versatile. Perfectly suited in both residential and commercial, to further enhance the aesthetics and comfort of the space.

For Residential

Artificial hedges of different types, colors and heights are available to blend in with your home's style according to your preference.
Artigwall boxwood hedge for pool use
  • Courtyard: As a boundary decoration for the entrance to a villa, or as an artificial hedge between residential buildings and units, to avoid interfering with each other's views and to increase personal privacy.
  • Garden: Multiple hedges connected together in a row, and set up a garden landscape as a visual barrier. Effectively blocks the view of neighbors and passersby and protects privacy of family life.
  • Apartment balcony: Artificial hedges on apartment balcony add a natural element to the limited balcony space and help to block the sightlines from beside.
Artificial green walls improve the ornamental and ecological sense of the space by emulating the leaves, flowers, vines and so on. of all kinds of plants.
artificial wall hedge panel privacy screen
  • Room backdrop: Available for decorating blank walls, stairwells, corridors, etc. in residential interiors, or backdrop of living rooms, study rooms, bedrooms and other rooms, creating a quiet , cozy living atmosphere.
  • Outer walls: Installing artificial green walls on residential facades, fences, garage doors, etc. will quickly enhance the aesthetics of residential facades and increase three-dimensional greening effects.
  • Family corner: Artificial green wall is used to cover unsightly facilities (such as air-conditioning units, pipes, etc.) and beautify the overall environment.
  • Pool fence: Mounting an artificial green wall on a pool boundary fence can provide a natural barrier to the pool area and increase personal privacy.
  • Rooftop garden layout: Artificial green walls are arranged in fences around the rooftop garden, which ensure safety and create a peaceful and private space, while enriching the rooftop landscape layers.

For Commercial


artificial box hedge in planter for restaurant entrance 
  • Shopping centers: Artificial hedges are placed in shopping mall halls, rest areas and window display areas to a green and healthy shopping environment, which attracts consumers to stay and enhances the shopping experience.
  • Hotel: Decorate guest bedroom balconies, poolside, and outdoor areas with artificial hedges to an immersive natural landscape that suits the high-end, luxury brand and enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Office space: Put the artificial hedge at the entrance of the office building, company reception, meeting room, etc., with the corporate logo, color and other, to enhance the corporate office environment.
  • Exhibitions and temporary activities: In commercial exhibitions, activities, etc., the use of artificial hedges to quickly build themed backdrops, booth partitions, photo walls, etc., to a flexible and efficient scene, attracting audience attention and enhancing event impact.
  • Restaurant: Set up an artificial hedge in the open-air seating area of the restaurant, to create a private and elegant dining environment. Enhance the dining experience of customers, at the same time, it helps people flow guidance and area delineation.
  • Commercial real estate projects: In the public areas, pedestrian streets, parking lots and more, artificial hedges are used for landscape design to enhance the overall quality of the project.

Artificial hedges are much more convenient and easy to install and place.

artificial boxwood panel wall for lounge

Compared to artificial hedges, artificial green walls should be installed with the help of fences, walls or other supporting frames. 

  • Shopping mall or retail store: artificial green walls can be used as backdrops, backdrops for merchandise display areas or fitting room wall decorations, to enhance the overall quality of the shopping environment.
  • Restaurant: Artificial green wall in the restaurant lobby, dining area, private room, etc. can add green atmosphere, enhance the comfort and style of the dining environment, especially suitable for theme restaurants (such as tropical style, idyllic scenery, etc.). Outdoor dining area can be used as a fence to provide privacy.
  • Office space: Artificial green walls are used in elevator rooms, corridors, and rest areas to enhance the ecological sense of the office environment and help relieve work pressure.
  • Hotel: To install artificial plant walls in hotel lobby, front desk, lounge area, inside guest room or on balcony, etc. to enhance accommodation quality.
  • Entertainment venues: In cafes, bars, gyms, yoga studios and other venues, artificial plant walls with lighting to a unique atmosphere as well as a backdrop for photos. Also able to provide a private area or block the line of sight, for customers to better relax and enjoy.
  • Temporary event decoration: In launching conference, celebration, party and other activities, artificial green wall can be used as stage backdrop or venue decoration to quickly beautify the event site and attract visitors' attention.
  • Public place: In airports, train stations and more with high traffic, artificial plant walls can ease travelers' anxiety and enhance comfort in the space.

Which of Artificial Hedge or Artificial Plant Wall Is Right for You?

Artificial hedges and artificial green walls do not require watering, fertilizing, pruning, etc., and only clean regularly to keep the surface as bright as new.

Especially suitable for residential areas with water constraints or limited maintenance conditions, it helps to conserve water and reduce maintenance costs.

They are long-lasting and retain fresh, whether in poorly lit, poorly ventilated corners, or in extreme temperatures and humidity conditions.

Venue Requirements

First thing to consider is which venue you plan to use.

If you wish to create a natural landscape or decoration in an outdoor or larger space, such as a living room, garden, patio, balcony, deck, etc., and provide privacy. Artificial hedges are more suitable for you, but require ground space. Their appearance is close to real ones and are used in outdoor to withstand weather such as sun, rain, and wind to keep beauty for long. Also effectively blocking undesired views and enhancing the privacy and comfort of living or working conditions.

Artificial green walls may be more suitable if you want to use them indoors or in places where space is limited, such as fence, bedroom, office, retail store, or in the living room. As it can be mounted against a wall or bracket and doesn't take up floor space, and fill the room with greenery.

Visual Effects

Next consider what effect you want.

Multiple artificial hedges used in a row can create a natural, lush environmental effect. Whether for events such as outdoor weddings and birthday parties, or for spaces such as fences, balconies and terraces, it is a distinctive decorative backdrop that is not affected by seasonal changes.

Artificial green wall is more diversified, customized design based on customer needs, including different plant types, colors, sizes and layouts. With modern and artistic for use in commercial premises, hotel lobbies, interior decorations, and so on.


The last thing to consider is your budget.

A freestanding artificial hedge will cost about $200 and above, while an artificial plant wall prices ranges from a few tens to a few hundred dollars, its based on size and pcs, and customized designs will be more expensive. 

Artificial hedges and artificial plant walls are low maintenance.

High quality products last for about 5 years or more, which saves more money. Preferable for customers considering long-term use and infrequent replacement.


Explore the article you'll learn more about what artificial hedges and artificial plant walls are, their pros and cons, application and how to choose the right one. 

With the right choice of materials, sizes and placement, not only will you enhance the space aesthetically, but also experience more practical benefits.

Take action now and transform your space with them!

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