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Blanket Plant Wall, Artificial Plant wall, Fake Green Wall, Artificial Vertical Garden for home and commercial decoration BPW-1 40x40inches

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Top Feature:

  • The first Blanket Plant Wall in the world!
  • Plants can stand up automatically!
  • Can fold or unfold like blanket.
  • Very easy?to use and install like paintings.
  • Easy to move from one place to another.
  • Pic original size is :80″*160″ . but the unit price is for 40″*40″ .
  • customizable :can be customized according to your size


Stem: iron;

Leaf: Plastic and Silk

Size: multi


The first Blanket Plant Wall in the world!

This Blanket plant wall was designed and created by our plant wall teams, not only is it very easy to use and transport just like blanket, but also looks very natural.?Because of no engineering work, ? it can save you a lot of money!


artificial living wall

This blanket plant wall was made of 15 kinds of plants and one plant turf (visit?Artificial Shrubbery Bushwood mat).



  1. Dimension Customization. When you select different dimensions, In default we keep the design and style, and increase or reduce the quantity of the plants on demand. ?In this instance, the density and the species of the plants are guaranteed. Also, you can cut the wall mat easily by using scissors if you want a special size.
  2. Customize by a photo or picture. In this instance, you should contact us first, then send us the picture?and?tell us the size you need, then we will send the cost and processing time to you. you can contact us by clicking the livechat button (the bottom right of the page), or Email to service@theartificialworld.com

Installation instructions

Step 1: Fix the nails on the wall (for most kinds of walls, such as concrete wall, brick wall, wood wall, just use the nails coming with the plant wall for free).

?Recommended Horizontal Spacing between?two nails: 40 cm (16 Inches?


Step 2:?Unroll the blanket plant wall, and find which one is on the top in the vertical direction if you have two rolls, rotate the plant wall if necessary. In default, if ?the height of your plant wall is 1 meter, you will get one roll; if the height of the wall is?2?meters, you will get 2 rolls, and so on.

rolled plant wallfolded blanket plant wallunfolded plant wall

Step 3: Tie the zip-ties (coming with the wall) to the top of the plant wall, then hang it onto the nails on the wall you fixed as described in step 1.

Note: As soon as you hang it on the wall, the plants will stand up automatically.

hang a plant wallfold -unfold-guide-a-blanket-plant-wall

Step 4:??you should spend a few minutes to expand the leaves with your hands, but this is not a heavy work. Actually it is an enjoyable work!


Due to the reason for camera state when it shoots the images and the differences between computer monitors,there is a slightly difference between photos and products.


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A: About 8~10 days, including 2~3 days processing?time.

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A: Yes, read more about our Return Policy>>

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