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ULAND 4pcs of Artificial BoxULAND Boxwood Panels & Mat Faux Boxwood Privacy Fence Screen Yellow Green Color 20”x20” AGW-28

For large order, please quote

  • High quality PE materials with SGS certificate
  • Securely Connect & Cut for a Custom Fit
  • UV and water Inhibitors to Protect Agents any Weather Condition
  • No maintainance, Long lasting, Longer lifespan
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor

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QTY. Price
6~20 42.77
>20 40.7


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1 Product Dimensions 20 x 20 x 1 inches
2 Item Weight 8 ounces
3 Manufacturer Artigwall ?
4 sale unit for pricing 4PCS(40″*40″)
5 Material Plastic(PE)




Many commercial property owners are choosing faux boxwood hedge for retails spaces, office buildings, & model homes. Fake boxwood can be quickly installed to obstruct unsightly views, create a privacy barrier or create the illusion of greenery. Artificial hedges are attractive to property owners because they look great & require no maintenance.

2. The lowest price on the entire website

1.Very realistic looking.
2.Easy to install and hang!
3.What you see in the picture is what you get!
4.Be able to reconfigure them into whatever shape you like.
5.It looks fantastic even after having snow and ice on it.
6.They look like real hedges.
7.Installed on the side of the wall outdoors that gets sun about 25% of time for a year still looks great.
8.It seems very durable,can be used for many different things.
9.They allow the breeze to pass through because they are a loose type weave but yet they keep prying eyes out!
10.The color is a natural and realistic green shade that brings calmness and coolness to any hot backyard that takes a lot of heat from the sun.
11.They are soft and lifelike, and do not scratch up your hands while you’re installing.
12.They aren’t subject to blight or diseases or drought conditions, etc. You get the same effect as you would with real boxwood.
13.They come with zip ties and washer nails.
14.Blocks wind and creates a calming atmosphere anywhere!
15.This is a great product to adapt to any season, even in the dead of winter.
16.These panels are water-proof and UV-proof.


comparison of leaf-layer

good cover

Good cover for 4-layer leaves

bad cover

Bad cover for 3-layer leaves

good craft

Good craft

bad craft

Bad craft

good simulation

Good simulation

Bad simulation

Bad simulation

environmental protection PE material

Environmental protection PE material

poor-quality plastic

Poor-quality Plastic

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??Bonus:?Get 4 zip ties per piece?20??20??? for zip tying.


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Installation Instructions

a?Installation guide for fence:

installation method of fence-step1

Step1: Measure the fence which you want to install, record the size of the fence.

installation method of fence-step2

Step2: Open the box of products.

installation method of fence-step3

Step3: Connect and cut the hedges as the size you need.

installation method of fence-step4

Step4: Directly attach the hedges to the fence with zip ties. Please notice the same direction of the hedges.

b?Installation guide for exterior wall:

installation method of exterior wall-step1

?Step1:?Use a?cordless drill to fix a stainless steel wire mesh on the wall.

installation method of exterior wall-step2

Step2: Use a stainless steel cross-shaped washer nails(diameter greater than 2 cm) to fix panels on the wall.

installation method of exterior wall-step3Step3: Connect and cut the hedges as the size you need.

installation method of exterior wall-step4

Step4: Attach the panels to the mesh with zip ties.

c)?Installation guide?for interior wall:

For high hardness wall:

The?installation guide for interior?high?hardness?wall?is?in?the?same?way?as exterior?wall.?

installation of exterior high hardness wall1

installation of exterior high hardness wall2

For common?wall?and?soft?wall

installation method of common wall and soft wall-step1

Step1:Measure the area?which?you want to install, record the size of the wall.


installation method of common wall and soft wall-step2

Step2: Use?a hammer and?cross-shaped seamless nail to fix?panels on the wall.