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Artigwall® Hedge Boxwood Wall with Hollow Planter 48" x 48"

Artigwall® Hedge Boxwood Wall with Hollow Planter 48" x 48"

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artificial boxwood hedge in planter for outdoors

Freestanding Artificial Boxwood Hedge with Planter Box

Artigwall® Freestanding Boxwood Hedge is made from polyethylene. The interior frame are made from durable stainless steel. The hedge is highly sturdy and reusable.

Available heights at 2.75', 4', 5.3', 6.5' and 8' dark green boxwood to suit your space perfectly. Each hedge with powder coated stainless steel planter base in your choice of black, or gray. For extreme weather area ranges, you can also use sandbags or waterbags for extra weight to improve stability.

Artigwall® ultra-quick-installation design make it simple to assemble. Plus, with commercial-grade UV protection, designed for outdoor use, non-fading for long-lasting beauty.

Our freestanding artificial boxwood hedges are sure to enhance your indoor or outdoor space, whether for a special event, wedding, red carpet backdrop, or hotel space.

Ultra-quick artificial hedge wall assembly

The Artigwall® Ultra-quick installation Design

Need to remove hedge from planter box frequently?Our solution helps you save more time(only on Generation 3).

tall artificial privacy hedge for balcony

Designed for All season. Weather(UV, Wind, Rain, Snow, Low temperature) resistant.

New Generation Max 7 Beaufort (28~33 mile/h).

In extreme conditions, artificial boxwood hedge last longer and keep the foliage fresh! Enjoy gorgeous faux greenery privacy screen! Looks great around a courtyard, doorway, balcony or patio, yard!

tall artificial hedge for stage backdrop

Set a boxwood stage backdrop

Set a stage boxwood backdrop is never so easy. Whether you’re decorating your home, office or any party theme, instant faux boxwood hedge in planter are an simple way.

Decoration for wedding, graduation, birthday, baby shower, friend gathering, Christmas, Halloween and many more.

artificial hedge boxwood compare

Artigwall® nearly-natural boxwood.

Obviously Artigwall artificial boxwood is the most similar one as the nature boxwood compared to others.

We designed the mold to make the surface of the boxwood leaves more matte, this is the innovative things we do for the industry.

The real boxwood leaves glitter only if they are with dew on the surface. That’s the key.

Other specifics:

3~5 years life span(top in the market)

Transmittance<5%(top in the market)

4 layers of leaves(top in the market)

6 lbs fresh high-density PE material per square meter(top in the market)

artificial hedge planter box

More sturdy than what you expected.

What people worry about most for faux hedge wall? The answer is: Sturdy.

What we do for this can be described as two parts:



The frame of the hedge is the key. We choose detachable hinges as the frame connection solution, and we designed middle frame layers to fixed quad instability issue.
Also, to enhance the strength of the frames and reduce the weight, we choose the 201 stainless steel as the material of the frames.
The implementation proves that this approach makes the hedges very sturdy.
For planter, we also choose thicker 201 stainless steels as the material, total weight > 22 pounds without weight counterweight.
Also, we choose stainless steel screws to connect the hedge planter panels. Because it’s the no.1 choice when you consider it should be more sturdy and solid.

artificial hedge planter wheels

One hand to move if you need.

Moving hedge walls from one place to anther become more and more popular in North America.

Our 301 Stainless steel 360 casters with brakes are playing an important role for this function!

You can remove the casters or install them in 1 minutes, switching between with and without casters is also a popular action, all of our planter boxes are with screw nuts default when you buy any series of our imitation boxwood hedge. You can even use your own casters, just choosing the corresponding screws.

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