How to use our hedge wall properly?

hedge wall for balcony

Our boxwood hedge wall is very easy to use, however, you should better know something before get started.

Make sure the size of the hedge wall is what you need.

48 inches Width and 14 inches Deep are two basic sizes of our hedge walls. The height is different. But you can still customize your special size if you need, just contact us.

Add weight before you assemble the frames if needed.

For indoor use, it is usually no need to add weight for it, but you can still add weight if you think it is necessary.

For outdoor use, considering the wind, we recommend you add weight for the hedge wall whose height > 48 inches.

Note: Please add weight once you complete assembling the planter box. Since it is hard to move after weight added, before do this please move hedge wall(s) to the place where you want it(them) stand.

Choose the material for adding weight.

Freed your mind to add weight for the hedge wall(s)! You can use anything you think that it works. But I remind you that please consider the weather. So we recommend stone or bricks, or something like them. You can also buy the water bag which we deigned for outdoor add-weight use. The benefit is you can use water, which is easy to obtain and get rid of.


Add wheels for our hedge wall if you move them often.

We can add caster wheels for our hedge walls, thus we can easily move them from one place to another.

79 inches hedge wall
from Customer’s comment photos-79″ hedge wall

Every our planter box is ready to assemble wheels which are with screw rods.

boxwood hedge planter box with casters

Screw Wheels available, Screw Model: M8*15

For outdoor use ,we recommend you use stainless steel wheels.

You can use our own casters, just make sure the screw rod model is the same with ours, Or, you can also buy our hedge wall with wheels. Just choose the wheel option before you are ready to add to cart.

wheel option

Note: we do not recommend you add weight for hedge walls with wheels, as you often move them, the wheels is not designed to do that.

Reading or watching our Installation book or Videos before you assemble.

To help you save more time, we recommend you read the installation book(in the package) or watch the youtube videos before you get started.

Following the steps we prepared for you is a good way to start assembling, although it is easy. Or you can visit our Youtube channel to get instructions from the video.

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