Buying Guide for Artigwall® Artificial Hedges

Does your room or patio lack privacy? Looking for a solution to increase privacy and build private space? Would like your garden to be fresh all year round?At artigwall we can provide you with beautiful and durable artificial hedges.Paired it with DIY creative decorations to create your dream garden, ideal for every family.Now all you need is add your favorite products to your cart and place your online order, for fast delivery in the USA!

Artificial hedges are faux fences or walls with realistic natural foliage.Our artificial boxwood wall are made of HDPE materials and UV resistant,Weatherproof and fade-resistant to ensure durability. Artificial hedges are commonly decorated in both indoor and outdoor spaces,as gardens, patios, balcony, restaurant, bedroom, roof terraces, pools backdrop and even commercial spaces.Compared to real hedges,they protect privacy, added greenery, and simple maintenance.

Artigwall® Artificial Wall Hedges

Suppose you're looking for a more sustainable way to create green areas inside and outside buildings and homes but have no idea you're in the right place. Artigwall's team can offer you a wide range of faux hedges to keep your garden green for longer.
You can truly transform your space with several of our latest products, one of the most eco-friendly, cost-effective and durable solutions available.Instantly purchase our artificial garden hedge screening!
We can provide instant hedge wall with planter box, Boxwood Panel & Roll, Boxwood Topiary Tree,etc.,are all both UV resistant.To create a delightful and calming atmosphere for your event festive occasions like wedding, party, living gathering,christmas and more.

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Service Life Last for Several Years - No Waiting for Plants to Grow

Artificial hedges are one of the simpler and more affordable solutions for transforming indoor and outdoor spaces. Artigwall's fake boxwood hedge are made of commercial grade material - HDPE,with special UV protection added in the manufacturing process,increase the durability of the product to ensure 3-5 life years.

Fake fence hedge is flexible and usually used as privacy screens, separate indoor or outdoor spaces into small permanent or removable areas,enjoy free-standing and beautiful private space after installation, effectively Isolated from outside view to protect the privacy of household or premises.

It takes years to grow a real hedge, and the plants themselves may not grow properly or be damaged by inclement weather, requiring regular maintenance and pruning.Whereas artificial greenery wall don't regular maintenance, eliminating extra work and expense, just timely simple cleaning and maintenance to keep good appearance.If you want to create your own privacy screen, contact Artigwall artificial boxwood hedge today for help planning your space.

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Benefits of Artigwall® Artificial Hedges

Artigwall artificial hedge frame structure is made of stainless steel,planter box is powder-coated stainless steel to maximizes longevity in fully exposed areas.Designed for all seasons, UV-impregnated and fade resistance, withstands all-weather environment from hot arid climates to freeze-thaw conditions.Our boxwood surface is more matte and close to natural boxwood,can be well waterproof and also reduces light transmittance.

  • Faux hedge screening wall are available in many designs, different height or width,as 33" ,48" ,64" ,79" ,96"and so on,also provide wheel or water bag options. Measure your planing area to place the hedge panels,to help choose the right size for your space.
  • Available for both outdoor and indoor use, select planter box from various sizes and colors to match your personal preference and environment.
  • Hedgewall grids can be used for signage or decorative accents for holiday events,do not heavy objects hunging.
  • Optional 360-degree casters with brakes can flexibly divide the moving space.

Choosing the Best Artificial Hedges

For many years we have been specializing in the creative design of artificial hedges ,and won the good reviews of customers. You can't go wrong with privacy fence from artigwall. we have best artificial boxwood hedge,sturdy & durable, light weight and easy to move with one hand.The base and frame are all stainless steel,is anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation.Aluminum material detachable hinges connection frame,hedge planting panels are also connected with stainless steel screws, to make hedges stronger and more secure.

Hedge leaves are made of durable material,mixed with anti-ultraviolet agent rather than sprayed on afterwards,will not fade with continued sun exposure,long-lasting greenery easily beautifies the space despite the damage of inclement weather.

Want rapid installation in a planter box? Need to remove hedges from planter box frequently? Artigwall's instant installation and removal design can save you more time,also quickly create a private space,reduce sound transmission and even blocking out sunlight in certain areas. Whatever style you're looking for,our team is here to help,for wholesale and custom artificial hedges,please be sure to contact artigwall to learn more.

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