Artificial Hedges: How Artigwall Has Sold 100,000+ in Seven Years?

Artigwall has sold 100,000+ artificial hedges boxwood in North America since 2016. Its studry and durable quality, Ultra-quick installation design is irreplaceable. Our hedges are framed in stainless steel specifically for outdoor use, which has received praise from our customers. All products with free standard shipping and fast delivery, as well as a perfect refund policy provide customers with a great shopping experience!

If you’re ready to find out more about artificial hedges, read on!

Why Are Fake Hedges in Style?

It takes years to grow a real hedge, and the plants themselves may not grow properly or be damaged by inclement weather, requiring regular maintenance and pruning.Whereas artificial box hedge don't regular maintenance, eliminating extra work and expense, just timely simple cleaning and maintenance to keep good appearance.

Faux boxwood hedge with planter box perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration. Available for both personal family and commercial venue activities, to provide privacy, beautify and improve the space, and create a comfortable and pleasant green space atmosphere. Now all you need is add your favorite products to your cart and place your online order, for fast delivery in the USA!

artificial boxwood hedges in planter for backyard

For Residential

Does your room or patio lack privacy? Looking for a solution to increase privacy and build private space? Would like your garden to be fresh all year round?

At artigwall we can provide you with beautiful and durable imitation hedge for your landscape and interior design, as gardens, patios, balcony, restaurant, bedroom, roof terraces, pools backdrop. Paired it with DIY creative decorations to create your dream garden, ideal for every family.

artificial box hedge in planter for restaurant entrance

For Commercial

Ever think about a faux boxwood hedge as a photo backdrop for any commercial event? Trust me, it can be done. As a green wall to divide open spaces and hide unwanted areas. Beautify and uplift the entrance to your cafe, restaurant, building or office space, etc. in an instant with this no-maintenance imitation boxwood hedge, to add a touch of greenery.

Where to Buy Artificial Boxwood Hedge?

Suppose you're looking for a more sustainable way to create green areas inside and outside buildings and homes but have no idea you're in the right place. Artigwall's team can offer you a wide range of faux hedges, artificial boxwood hedge with planter box, artificial boxwood panels, arched boxwood backdrop, boxwood topiary tree and more, are all both commercial grade UV-resistant, to keep your garden green for longer.

Our hedges are a range of heights to suit your needs, small artificial box hedge is 80cm high, tall artificial privacy hedge is over 6ft to 2.4m high. Perfect for any event decoration: wedding, birthday, graduation, bridal shower, christmas, shop windows, theme party decor and more! You can truly transform your graden, one of the most eco-friendly, cost-effective and durable solutions available. Instantly purchase our faux boxwood hedge!

robust and durable stainless steel frame

1.Robust and Durable Stainless Steel Frame

Solidity is the key to our customers' choice. Artigwall fake privacy hedge frame structure is made of stainless steel, planter box is powder-coated stainless steel to maximizes longevity in fully exposed areas.

Stainless steel with anti-oxidation properties, not easy to rust and corrode, effectively reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement, thus saving you money.

excellent weathering-resistance boxwood foliage material

2.Excellent Weathering-Resistance Foliage Material

Artigwall® has always valued quality and have been specializing in the creative design of artificial hedges. Our fake boxwood are made of high cost high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

This dark boxwood surface is more matte and close to natural boxwood, more realistic, well waterproof and also reduces light transmittance.

Premium artificial hedge
artificial box hedge in planter for outdoor patio privacy

3.Ultra Violet (UV) Rated for Intense UV

Hedge leaves last in the sun, with special UV protection added in the manufacturing process. Mixed with anti-ultraviolet agent rather than sprayed on afterwards, increase the durability of the product to ensure 3-5 life years.

Not fade with continued sun exposure,long-lasting greenery easily beautifies the space despite the damage of inclement weather.

Ultra-quick artificial hedge wall assembly

4.Ultra-quick installation Design

Want rapid installation in a planter box? Need to remove hedges from planter box frequently? Artigwall's instant installation and removal design can save you more time. We provide good packaging and all tools, you just need to follow the instructions or installation video.

Instantly create a private space,reduce sound transmission and even blocking out sunlight in certain areas.

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In choosing the right hedge, you need to consider a number of factors. Be it for added privacy, landscaping or decorating your home, artificial hedges can fulfill your needs.

How to Choose the Best Artificial Hedges for You?

1. Price budget

Artificial hedge prices can range from tens to hundreds of dollars or more. Consider your price budget ahead of time when choose best artificial hedge.

2. Leaf design

Faux hedge have a wide range of foliage designs, including boxwood, ivy, ficus, myrtle, tropical , lavender, evergreen moss, ligustrum, english laurel and more. High leaf density boxwoods will provide better view isolation and increase privacy.

3. Product quality

Manufactured hedges from quality materials are usually more durable and realistic. Great UV resistance of the leaves, which will ensure that fake hedge does not turn blue - or even discolour completely - after a certain time.

Low quality hedges do not come with a guarantee, which means you have to repeat your purchase every season. In the long run, this will cost you more than if you suddenly choose a hedge that will last for years.

4. Product service

Complete after-sales service still guarantees your purchased. artigwall offer a good shopping experience with free shipping and fast delivery, 60-day refund policy, 3-year warranty for customers, to a well-branded influence.

5. Measure your space

Faux privacy hedge are available in many designs, different height or width. Measure your planing area to place the hedge panels,to help choose the right size for your space.

6. Convenience

Opt for a model with a wheeled design if you need to move your artificial hedge frequently. Optional 360-degree casters with brakes can flexibly divide the moving space, easy to move with one hand.

7. Drainage holes

Imitation boxwood hedge can accumulate a lot of dust over a long period of time, so with drainage holes it's easier to clean and prevent standing water inside the hedge. Drainage holes also help to ventilate the bottom of the hedge and prevent damage.

8. Applicable scenarios

Available for both outdoor and indoor use, the right styles of artificial hedges to match your surroundings. Hedge panel grids can be decorated with balloons, letters and flowers for any event party themes, do not heavy objects hunging.

  • Artigwall boxwood hedge for outdoor patio fencing

    When using artificial boxwood hedges daily, you can do some simple maintenance to keep it in great for longer.

  • 1. Regular cleaning

    Regular cleaning is important to keep your hedge looking fresh for longer. Cleaning artificial boxwood hedges is very easy. Simply wash the surface regularly with water to easily remove dust, dirt and other impurities. Use a soft bristle brush or damp cloth to gently scrub rather than a hard bristle brush and chemical cleaners to avoid damaging the foliage surface.

  • 2. Place in a safe location

    Place your imitation boxwood hedge in a safe location to ensure its long-lasting beauty and integrity. Never place hot items directly onto the faux boxwood hedge. Artificial materials may not be able to withstand high temperatures and will melt or shrink. Handle and place tools carefully during gardening or other activities and avoid bumping sharp objects, tools on hedges, which can cause scratches or damage.

  • 3. Periodic inspection

    Artificial boxwood hedges are not in use indefinitely. Regularly check the hedge's brackets, connections and fasteners for looseness or damage. If the hedge is mounted on a planter box, make sure that the connections are tight to prevent the hedge from swaying or becoming detached from the box and causing a safety hazard.

  • 4. Protection against extreme weather

    Specialized outdoor fake hedges are also unable to withstand extreme weather for long periods of time, which can reduce its lifespan.
    During continuous extreme high or low temperature conditions, try to move the hedge to a suitable environment to minimize damage and deformation of the material.
    In strong wind areas, some measures are available to immobilize artificial boxwood hedges to prevent them from being blown over or damaged by the wind. For example, by increasing the number of fixing brackets or using additional fixings such as sandbags or ground spikes.

  • 5. Regular maintenance

    Regular maintenance is also essential for the long-term beauty of your landscaping. You can regularly apply some protective ester oil or maintenance agent on the surface of artificial boxwood hedges to keep its fresh and greenery and prolong its service life.

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