Artificial Boxwood Hedge: Expert Tips for Landscape Architects

As a landscape architect, want a trouble-free and cost-saving garden layout? Boxwood is very popular in landscape design. Delve into the world of real boxwood hedge vs. artificial boxwood hedge. Explore the pros and cons and find out which option is best for your landscaping.

artificial boxwood hedge for privacy wall fence


What is Landscape Design?

Landscape Design is the process of transforming outdoor spaces to improve visual aesthetics and consists of three main areas: plants, topography, and structures.

Landscape spaces of various styles and uses are shaped through the planning and design of the surroundings, such as the placement of plants, trees, and so on, to provide beautiful, comfortable, and functional environments.

Landscape design not only considers aesthetics and artistry, but also focuses on functionality and sustainability. The range of landscape design projects is wide, to include city parks, residence areas, commercial centers, campuses, corporate parks, attraction planning, and many other fields.

Choosing the right plants combined with roads, courtyards and retaining walls, etc., for reasonable layout to increase visualization of the whole space and present a rich and diverse vegetation landscape.

Types of Landscape Design

Landscape design is usually divided into two parts: hardscape design and softscape design.

  • Hardscape design is the layout of buildings, roads, fences, stones, ponds, etc., to the division of space and functions. 
  • For softscape design, it involves the design and arrangement of plants, flowers, lawns, shrubs and other vegetation. Plant growth patterns, seasonal changes and landscape effects all to be considered in soft landscape design.
  • Designers need to think holistically, to achieve harmony in terms of aesthetics, functionality and ecological sustainability.

Once the landscaping is completed, the space needs to be kept beautiful with maintenance work such as regular pruning, watering, weeding, and pest control plant care. This requires specialized gardening skills as well as more time cost.

What's Most Popular in Landscape Design?

Boxwood has a long history of wider use for gardens in landscape design. Landscape designers also use neat boxwood hedges as a major component of the traditional garden. 

Boxwood is used as an evergreen plant and is combined with flower  and grasses to create a rich and varied plant mix. Boxwood can be pruned regularly as it grows, and the neat form and dense foliage can add layers to the garden.

The best way to prune boxwood is twice a year, summer and winter. During the planting process is 5 tips on care needed:

  • Sunlight Conditions. Boxwood is suited to thriving in full sun and partial shade, to ensure that at least 4-6 hours of sunlight per day. However, it will not vigorous growth in full shade. Too hot areas may be at risk of scorching.
  • Soil Environment. When planting boxwood for a fast-draining, loose soil environment. Wet soil may lead to root rot, fungus and pests, which to affect boxwood growth or even kill.
  • Spacing. When planting, pay attention to control the spacing between plants, generally about 1.5 meters, which is conducive to the growing of plants, overcrowding will hinder air circulation.
  • Watering. Regular watering once or twice a week is key to healthy boxwood growth, but avoid over-wetting or over-drying and keep the soil at the right level of moistness.
  • Fertilizer. Using organic fertilizers or waste plant residues to provide nutrients for boxwood is beneficial to soil fertility and promotes plant growth.

Although boxwood hedges are a popular feature in many gardens. But boxwood blight, which includes leaf spotting, leaf drop and stem discoloration, is caused by a fungus or bacteria and can have an impact on the growth and health of your hedge.

Primarily occurring in humid conditions and lasting for several months a year, fungal spores may attach to clothing, tools, pets, etc., boxwood blight spreads broadcast, and is capable of destroying or killing those evergreen shrubs.

Can Artificial Boxwood Hedge Replace Real Ones and for What Benefits?

artificial boxwood hedge for residential landscape

And artificial boxwood hedges without boxwood blight and keep evergreen, never need take long to grow with full appearance immediately.

Don't worry about the seasons or weather affecting this plant, it can thrive anywhere. Plus, you won't have to stress about light or soil conditions, or constant upkeep.

Ideal for those seeking privacy or beautification in their landscaping.

Therefore, when choosing an artificial boxwood hedge, you need to consider your personal needs and landscaping to choose the right style and size for you.

Benefits of Artificial Boxwood Hedge

The benefits of using artificial boxwood hedges go beyond aesthetics. Their durability ensures long-lasting performance in all weather conditions without fading or wilting. It makes them a cost-effective and sustainable option for outdoor décor.

Versatility is another major advantage of artificial boxwood hedge. Need a plant of a certain size or shape for your garden vision? This one can be easily personalized to your needs, giving you the freedom to design your environment exactly how you want.

By creating a visual barrier, artificial hedges help to create a more comfortable and visually appealing outdoor environment.

Cost Savings

  • Installation costs: Compared to natural boxwood hedge, artificial boxwood hedge needs less specialized labor and materials and is easily installed, thus reducing landscaping costs. And without expensive maintenance equipment such as watering systems or specialized gardening tools.
  • Maintenance costs: Real boxwood hedge require remain healthy and vibrant with regular watering, pruning, fertilizing and pest control measures. In contrast, artificial boxwood hedge saves time and money in the long run, removes these ongoing maintenance tasks.


Real boxwood hedge needs periodic replacement for growth problems or insect infestation, artificial boxwood solves this problem, the best feature of durability and a fresh look for many years. Artificial boxwood hedge is designed to withstand UV exposure and will not fade whatever the weather conditions, including extreme heat or cold.

As a Landscape Architect, How to Choose Artificial Boxwood Hedge?

As a landscape architect, the right artificial boxwood hedge for your design project is a key. Artificial boxwood hedge can add a unique scene for a landscape and reduce maintenance costs and hassles. So how do you choose the right artificial boxwood hedge?

artigwall high quality artificial boxwood hedge


When it comes to selecting artificial boxwood hedge, the material is key. Look for ones made of high-quality PVC or PE materials that closely resemble world plants in touch and shine. Opt for leaves with gradient colors and natural distribution for a more realistic look.

Weather Resistance

For outdoor use, consider the weather resistance of the artificial boxwood hedge. Choose products with UV resistance for long-lasting color and shape, and good waterproof performance to prevent deformation or mold. Ensure it can withstand various climatic conditions.


Check the durability of the artificial boxwood hedge to ensure it lasts long. Make sure the branches and connecting parts are sturdy and not prone to breakage. Check for internal frame sturdiness and bottom weights for stability in outdoor settings.


Safety is important, especially for home gardens or areas with children. Choose artificial boxwood hedge made from materials that are not harmful to humans and have flame retardant properties for increased safety.


Match the artificial boxwood type, height, and width to the overall environment design for a cohesive look. Opt for easy installation and operation to save time and costs, increase efficiency, and ensure timely project completion.


Consider the brand reputation and customer reviews when choosing a supplier. Select one with good after-sales support and a comprehensive warranty policy to address any issues promptly.

How to Landscape with Artificial Boxwood Hedges?

artificial boxwood hedge for balcony outdoor

Artificial boxwood hedges are adaptable in landscape design but not timeless, for a wide range of creativity while minimizing upkeep expenses and lasting aesthetics.

Check out 6 creative ways to to use artificial boxwood hedge in your landscape:

Beautify the entrance.

Place artificial boxwood hedges on either side of your front door as an entrance display or to accentuate your garden gate. They are virtually zero-maintenance than seasonal annuals, while adding lasting green accents to entrances.

Add structure to informal gardens.

In more randomly lay-out gardens, subtly integrate well-trimmed artificial boxwood hedges, to provide an orderly backdrop for free-growing perennials and ornamental grasses.

It helps ease the transition to the garden when flowers fade, perennials die back, or if beds are left bare in winter.

Retouch garden edge.

Decorate along the edges of your lawn or flower beds with small artificial boxwood hedge to help round out the borders of garden beds, or as a backdrop for fountains and statues.

Soften the corners.

Soften corners with artificial boxwood hedges placed in corners, or arrange three artificial boxwood hedge in tight rows at staggered heights. Especially in small gardens or narrow crossings to add flow to the space.

Create a garden path.

Lay out artificial boxwood hedges along the sides of paths or at turning points to help soften extensive cobblestones. Insetting real perennial flowers between hedges to work visual and guide walking routes.

Area separation.

Use rows of artificial boxwood hedges as a natural barrier to separate a deck or patio, to define the two areas without blocking the flow of sight. With tall artificial boxwood hedges to a semi-enclosed privacy space and add a garden sitting area.

Finishing Thoughts

Artificial boxwood hedges into your landscaping project that is a cost-effective solution without sacrificing aesthetics in the long run. You can creatively and sustainably enhance your outdoor space by exploring the various types and designs available.

Artificial hedges have long term benefits in maintenance and durability, consider your budget and apply it to your project.

Browse our collection of products now, and easily enhance your landscaping efforts.

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