Artificial Boxwood Hedge: The Ultimate Guide

artificial boxwood hedge outdoors

Why should I use an artificial boxwood hedge? It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Create privacy for your patio, porch, backyard and enhances the natural beauty of your interior. Unlike natural plants, artificial boxwoo hedges do not need to take care of, last green for four seasons.

Uplift the entrance to your cafe, restaurant, showroom or office space in an instant with this no-maintenance artificial boxwood hedge. Start your decoration ideas for themed party easily!

This guide will provide you with information about artificial boxwood hedges and their features. Let's get started !

What Is Artificial Boxwood Hedge?

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Artificial boxwood hedges, also called fake boxwood hedges or faux boxwood hedges, are artificial plants that use high-quality artificial materials to simulate the look and feel of plant leaves. Specially designed and processed to be more realistic and closer to real hedges, also UV-resistant to better adapt to indoor and outdoor landscapes.

Are Artificial Boxwood Hedges Any Good?

Yes! Artificial boxwood hedge can long-lasting evergreen to beautify the space for indoor and outdoor. And our imitation boxwood hedge is better without fading and warping compared with other. Unaffected by seasonal and climate, no watering, fertilizing or pruning is required. And dark more enhance the space's natural green atmosphere.

The oval leaves are typically 4 layers and tightly arranged, and also easy to trim flat. It is common for fences and privacy wall, and can effectively provide privacy.

Do Artificial Boxwood Hedge Last in the Sun?

Artificial plants generally used indoors, long-term direct sunlight can cause fading or discoloration. While artificial hedges are designed for outdoor use and are UV resistant to prevent fading or discoloration. 

HDPE material artificial hedge is more suitable to last in the sunlight. With its high heat resistance, will not melt when used normally outside. But that doesn't mean it will last indefinitely. A long period of use in extreme heat or weather can also damage artificial boxwood hedges and impact their lifespan.

Do Faux Boxwood Hedge Attract Mosquitoes and Spiders?

As we all know that green plants attract all kinds of insects, so artificial hedge also in its realistic natural plant appearance, will it attract mosquitoes, spiders and other insects?

The answer is no. Artificial hedges don't attract insects.

Real plants are easily a habitat for bugs as they provide a food source and a habitat. While artificial hedges are made of HDPE material, it does not give off plant odors, releases compounds (pheromones), and moreover does not decay to provide nutrients and organic matter for insects.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Boxwood Hedges

artificial boxwood hedge feature

The Pros:

1. Long-lasting

Artificial hedges are not affected by seasonal changes. UV protection can resist sunlight, rain and other natural environments. Not easy to fade, deform or rot, longer service life.

2. Low Maintenance Costs

Compared with real hedges or plants, artificial hedges can maintain their shape and beauty for a long time, saving time and cost. And there’s no need for regular pruning, watering, fertilizing or pesticide spraying.

Real plants require extra effort:

  • Prune plants regularly
  • Give plants sufficient sunlight
  • Control internal temperature
  • Check ventilation conditions

 3. Prevent Allergy

Real plants often accumulate dust mites, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can trigger allergic reactions. Fake hedges are made from artificial materials and they do not release allergens into the air, reducing allergic reactions without any adverse health effects.

4. Instant Effect

Most real plants take five years to reach their maximum height, while fake hedges instantly provide a complete barrier and decorative effect. Easy and quick installation, no need to wait for the plant's growth cycle.

5. Indoor and Outdoor Use

Whether in commercial areas, residential areas, offices, hotels or terraces, gardens, swimming pools, etc., fake hedges can be used for decoration, isolation and privacy.

6. Improve Privacy

Artificial hedge wall to create a positive and comfortable rest environment, blocking the view to reduce outside interference, always keep the natural greenery both aesthetic.

The Cons:

Artificial plants lack positive environmental effects

  • Limited ecological functions, unable to release oxygen and improve air quality
  • Does not provide wind protection
  • They do not reduce carbon dioxide, dust or mold
  • Unable to regenerate, carry out regeneration planting

Artificial Boxwood Hedge for Outdoor

artificial boxwood hedge for outdoor

Outdoors, wanting to grow a hedge can be very difficult as you must spend time everyday to care for it. And they tend to wilt and die while growing, which can ruin all your hard work due to constant exposure to the sun, rain, wind, etc.

Or you can leave out the hedges, then the wall or fence around the backyard garden looks more vacant, more likely to see through for neighbors and without the sense of privacy.

However some people are tired of working with dead grass and regular pruning and just want an easy kept yard. Then artificial boxwood hedges are the best choice, with easier maintenance and less trouble without weeding the grass or watering.

For people who have pets, never again worry about accidental injuries to pets caused by the use of chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.

Can You Put Artificial Boxwood Hedge Outside?

Yes. You can put fake boxwood hedges outside.

But you should always consider local weather conditions. Go for a product designed for outdoor use. It is better screening for fun or parties in the backyard.

Faux hedges contain UV resistant materials that can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight and withstand varying temperatures with little wear and tear. Our artificial boxwood hedges made of HDPE are more durable, but not meant to last indefinitely.

plastic boxwood hedge outdoor

Why Do Artificial Boxwood Hedges Fade Outside?

Artificial boxwood hedges have many long-term benefits, but we won't just emphasize the good and whitewash the bad. The most common problem of faux hedges worldwide is fading.

Especially in areas of constantly high temperatures and intense sunlight, such as the Southern United States, the aesthetics of artificial hedges may not last 5 years.

Reasons for fading

UV rays from direct light are the main cause. Although artificial hedges mimic natural ones, plastic manufactured materials do not have natural plant re-growth.

Ultraviolet light, especially UV-A and UV-B bands, can transmit through these materials, damaging the molecular structure and leading to fading and even material embrittlement or cracking.

The importance of UV protection

Artificial hedges made with UV-resistant materials significantly boost their outdoor life. Plastic materials incorporate UV stabilizers during the manufacturing process, to a protection barrier that reduces the effects of UV rays on foliage color.

Therefore, choosing UV-resistant products is the first step to preventing fading.

How to Keep Artificial Boxwood Hedge from Fading Outside?

The best way to choose a UV-protected, high-quality artificial boxwood hedge, to resist damage from the UV rays in sunlight.

Even if you've purchased an faux hedge without UV resistance, there's no need to worry - you can take the following steps to slow down the rate of fading.

Proper shading

When placing artificial boxwood hedges, try to avoid areas that are exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day. Reduce light intensity and duration with natural shading from trees or buildings. Or change its position periodically.

Use shade netting over the hedge or move it indoors during the hours of strongest sunlight.

Add protection

Enhance the UV resistance of artificial boxwood hedges and further prevent fading with a specialized UV resist spray regularly to the surface of the hedge. For product with UV resistance even to enhance protection rating and increase longevity.

Periodic maintenance

To keep the foliage's color vibrant, use a soft brush or damp cloth to clean dust and dirt from the surface of Artificial Boxwood Hedge. Avoid using cleaners with bleach or strong chemicals as they may accelerate fading. And replace any damaged or badly faded foliage promptly.

How Long Do Artificial Boxwood Hedges Last?

artificial boxwood hedge for terrace

Artificial hedges are made of a variety of materials. High-quality artificial hedges can last from 5 to 10 years with normal use and proper maintenance. Indoor lifetime is usually 5 years or above, and the outdoor service life is usually 3-5 years.

Eureka! Reasons for longer outdoor service life of imitation boxwood hedge:

1. Choose Material Quality

Premium artificial hedges are made of UV-resistant materials, with durable and withstand long-term sunlight without fading. HDPE material is the best, corrosion-resistant and stable, followed by LDPE material.

2. Stable Installation Method

With stronger support structure and reinforced mounting to ensure the stable and less prone to loosening and wobbling of faux hedge wall, and can avoid damage in harsh environments such as strong winds.

3. Avoid Violent Use

The manner and frequency of handling during use can also affect the lifespan of artificial hedges. Improper operation by users, such as violent collision, collision with heavy objects, incorrect cleaning, incorrect storage, etc., may accelerate the wear and damage of artificial greenery wall.

4. Simple Care and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of fake hedge wall can extend their lifespan. Keep your hedges looking neat by removing dust, dirt or debris and proper cleaning and maintenance.

5. Avoid Long-Term Harsh Environmental Effects

You can consider storing artificial hedges in a dry, ventilated area during adverse weather conditions. In areas affected by weather such as storms and heavy rainfall are advised to take extra precautions by placing some weight such as water bags, sandbags, bricks, etc. inside to stabilize the hedge.

Please contact us at any time if you are looking for high-quality artificial hedges, or notice damage on your hedge after purchasing the product.

How Are Artificial Boxwood Hedges Used in Landscape and Interior Design?

artificial boxwood hedge for swimming pool

Artificial boxwood hedge in planter is very popular, it is widely placed in residential and commercial gardens or landscapes  due to neat, evergreen green plants, to easily distinguish it from other places and create a beautiful and comfortable open garden for you. How are artificial boxwood hedges for landscape and interior design?

Artificial boxwood hedges are incorporated into the design of the space in a creative and stylish way, add a splash of nature and greenery to the modern space and bring a vibrant element to the interior. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Highlight your garden gate:

Placing a pair of tall artificial boxwood hedges on either side of your garden gate or entrance to create a welcoming entrance, decorated with twinkling lights to add visual interest and ambience.

2. Beautify paths and garden landscaping:

When flowers fade and perennials die, artificial boxwood hedges keep your garden green and vibrant. Place some boxwood hedges around small garden corners or on both sides of the road to create a clear road.

3. Highlight the edges:

Place boxwood hedges on the edges of stairs, terraces, corridors, etc. to clarify the boundary lines of the space and bring a clear sense of structure to the entire area. Prevent children from being injured by running or collision quickly.

4. Space separation:

artificial boxwood hedge privacy screen

Use boxwood hedges divide different areas of space for open spaces or outdoors , such as to separate outdoor dining areas from relaxing areas. Set up a row of potted boxwoods to define the space without blocking views from one area to another.

5. Green screening:

freestanding faux boxwood hedge screening

Artificial boxwood hedges can be used to screen less aesthetically pleasing or cluttered areas. For example, covering trash cans or air conditioner outdoor units with hedges wall, to make the overall layout more orderly and tidy.

6. Interior decoration:

Design a dedicated corner or area of your interior space and place vertical boxwood hedge panels to serve as a feature wall to create a tranquil, private oasis that adds texture and natural elements to modern spaces.

7. Privacy barrier:

Artificial boxwood hedges can be used to create privacy screens, such as around patios, courtyard or swimming pools, providing a natural barrier that blocks views and provides privacy and comfort for daily living.


Artigwall artificial boxwood hedges are one of the best choices with a range of benefits, quality materials, realistic appearance, and sturdy construction.

From indoors to outdoors, from low maintenance to able to withstand all weather conditions, from your home to commercial use, artificial hedges can add natural greenery and create privacy to a space.

Transforming your space with the correct size is more than enough to a new look, and you can enjoy the timeless beauty of artificial hedges next few years.

If you are considering the purchase of an artificial boxwood hedge or want to want to introduce it to a client but still have a few questions in mind, we hope this article has been helpful.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do artificial boxwood hedges fade?

No! Artificial hedges are specially designed with UV protection to prevent fading, ensure the boxwood foliage retain its vibrant colors for a longer period of time.

2. Are faux hedges eco-friendly?

Yes! Artigwall artificial boxwood hedge in planter are made of HDPE, which is recyclable, eco-friendly and odorless. Not requiring irrigation or fertilization, making them a sustainable option for adding greenery.

3. Where to buy artificial hedge?

Artigwall sells quality artificial hedge in trough online and has received many positive customer reviews over the past 7 years. Artificial hedges can also be customized to meet your specific requirements. Please let us know.

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