Camhead™ Arch Backdrop Stand


Double the happiness of your family with Camhead™ Arch Backdrop Stand

With Camhead, every day is party day!


We Redefined Arch Backdrop Stand!

artigwall arch backdrop for party

Not just a simple arched backdrop, with the help of Artigwall Boxwood's excellent expressiveness, our designers creatively designed this background backdrop with windows, turning a simple monotonous product into an interactive product .With this design, you can not only use it to play throwing games, but also shoot various personalized and fun party scenes. Whether it's a family gathering, a birthday for your child or anyone else, or even a wedding party, it will bring you an unprecedented experience!

Play Throwing Game with Camhead™ Backdrop Stand

Create your own unique photos with your family.


Quick-Design kinds of parties for your family and friends.

camhead arch backdop stand for halloween party
Artigwall arch backdrop stand for wedding
Artigwall Arch boxwood backdrop stand for kids birthday
Camhead Arch boxwood backdrop stand for parry
Artigwall arch boxwood backdrop stand for party 3.jpg__PID:80acf9a7-0f70-41b5-b6d1-f83751ad7b52
Artigwall camhead arch backdrop stand for christening party

An excellent way to decoration your home!

Artigwall boxwood arch backdrop stand for restaurant decoration as wall art
Artigwall Arch backdrop stand for home decoration a wall art
Artigwall Arch backdrop stand for home decoration a wall art 2
Artigwall Arch backdrop stand for home decoration outdoor
Artigwall Arch backdrop stand for home decoration outdoor 2
Artigwall Arch backdrop stand for bathroom decoration as wall art

Enhance the feeling of your wedding party

Have a store?

This arch backdrop can be used as the information board in your store. Or be used as the main backdrop behind the counter.

artigwall arch backdrop stand for cafeartigwall arch backdrop stand for cafe 2


Artigwall® Camhead™ Arch Backdrop Stand with Premimum UV-resistant Arificial Boxwood, Aluminum Frame, Screw free Installation, Foldable, Easy to move.

camhead top detail.jpg__PID:152a47cf-ca3c-4bbd-a51e-9d9da656918a