Artificial Hedge Price: Why Is So Expensive?

Are you wonder why artificial hedges are sometimes expensive?

It is known that real hedges need sunlight to thrive and regular watering and might require some green gardening skills.

While fake hedges can can sometimes outshine real ones, with realistic and never wither, without additional cost and maintenance.

So why are artificial hedges more expensive?

Well, you've come to the right place to get answers. In this article, we'll uncover the reason the high price of artificial hedges and whether the fake hedge in your cart is worth clicking "Purchase".

If you're ready to learn more, read on!

Reasons Why Are Artificial Hedge Expensive

artificial hedge for balcony outdoor

The price of artificial hedges varies greatly with different brands, and material, size and design can all be influential factors.

Each process and attention to detail increases the cost of faux hedges. Thus pricing is reasonable rather than arbitrary.

  • Investment: Artificial hedges - One investment, lasting benefits, without any ongoing maintenance costs, going beyond traditional decorative items.
  • Durable: Selected high-quality durable materials with UV protection design, it can keep fresh last for years. Without these troubles of real greenery, which is wither and fade due to seasonal changes, pests and diseases, and other factors.
  • Realistic: The color, texture and touch of fake hedges are infinitely close to the real ones, made of high-quality materials from the market to look more realistic. 
  • Versatile: With various sizes and types, faux hedge can fulfill both indoor and outdoor decorative needs, blending seamlessly into all types of design themes.
  • Flexible: Artificial hedges are cleverly designed and easily re-installed. Even if the space is re-layout, the rearrangement process is greatly simplified for you.
  • Sustainable: High-quality faux hedges perform well in eco-friendly, without water and chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Hypoallergenic: Imitation hedges can be completely free from allergy factors, with no risk of pollen release and insect infestation.

What Are 4 Factors Influencing a Buying Decision?

faux boxwood hedge in planter outdoor

The key factors that usually influence the consumer's decision to purchase an artificial hedge are price, lifelike, maintenance, and lifespan.


The cost of artificial hedges is often related to size and quality. The price often reflects its quality. Expensive products are usually more concerned with quality and longevity. Consider your budget first, cheap artificial plant walls can also meet your needs to some extent.

Artificial hedges may seem more expensive initially when compared to real ones. Imagine not worrying about regular watering, pruning or replacing your plants without worrying of additional costs. Artificial hedges are more cost-effective in the long-run.


Real hedges bring nature to life, but require ongoing maintenance. And high-quality artificial hedges often mimic the look and feel of real plants with such amazing realism from real ones.

No matter what kind of faux foliage or flowers, it will blend well into your space and add natural beauty.


Artificial hedges require no water, pruning or regular care. Faux hedges is a time and labor-saving option for those with busy lifestyles or limited gardening experience. You only need keep it looking appeal is to clean or dust it occasionally, not worry about temperatures or lack of sunlight.


Real hedges can be shortened by seasonal changes, indoor conditions or improper maintenance, even though they have a natural beauty. While artificial hedges with longer lifespan, indoor use usually lasts around 5 years.

High-quality products have built-in UV protection that will last for years without fading, and outdoor use can even withstand harsh weather conditions.

What Makes Artificial Hedge Expensive?

Artigwall artificial hedge products are expensive mainly due to high production costs, including product development and product design, production process, as well as other costs.

Over the past seven years, our continuous innovation of boxwood and hedge products has won the favor of consumers in the North American market.

Product Development and Design

unique ultra-quick installation of artificial hedge

We invested a lot of R&D costs for realistic appearance and good performance, and continuously improve the technology and design to make the hedge more sturdy and durable.

Artificial hedge installation is one of the reasons for the high price. Unique Artigwall® ultra-quick installation is designed to be installed without specialist staff and extra cost, ensure stability.

High-cost Materials

High-quality artificial boxwood foliage

HDPE artificial foliage

Artificial hedges are made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), a more costly material compared to other materials such as LDPE.

Not only do the materials need to be processed with special techniques to ensure their realistic appearance and durability, but they also need to comply with environmental standards, all of which increase manufacturing costs.

Stainless steel frame

The stainless steel internal frame with robust design and concealed connections ensures that the hedge is structurally stable and aesthetically appealing, further adding to its manufacturing costs.

UV Resistant

To prevent fading and damage caused by sunlight, these materials are specially treated with UV protectors to maintain their vibrant appearance.


Production process

High-quality artificial hedges undergo a complex production process. From the selection of materials to molding, from the choice of non-toxic plastics and fabrics to the advanced techniques and equipment used, each step of precision and skill production to create a product that conforms to nature and fool even the most discerning eye.


Realistic artificial hedges are manufactured with a great deal of expertise and experimentation. Craftsmen with deep understanding of plant structure, specialized techniques and repeated trials and inspections bring the visual and tactile sensation of real plants to life, thus satisfying consumers' pursuit of high-quality products.

Production techniques

The process of manufacturing artificial hedges is the key .Each step requires a wealth of experience, from mold making to shaping to hand trimming. Craftsmen with exquisite workmanship bring each leaf to life through, from color to arrangement.


In the end, it all comes down to “you get what you pay for.”

The higher price of artificial hedge reflects their lasting value and numerous benefits. Whether it's for instant use in your home, office or event decor, faux hedges with versatile and durable that combines beauty with practicality.

Your space deserves the best. Take action today!

Contact us now and we can help you maximize the benefits of artificial hedging.

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