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Artigwall® Artificial Boxwood Hedge Wall with Wood Planter Box

Artigwall® Artificial Boxwood Hedge Wall with Wood Planter Box

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New design -wood planter box


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Artificial Hedge Wall with Wood Planter Box

Whether to decorate your home, office or any party theme, pre-built faux boxwood hedge in timber trough is never been easier. For instant, decoration for wedding, graduation, birthday, baby shower, friend gathering, Christmas, Halloween and many more.


Artigwall® Nearly-natural Faux Boxwood

Obviously Artigwall artificial boxwood is the most similar one as the nature boxwood compared to others.

We designed the mold to make the surface of the boxwood leaves more matte, this is the innovative things we do for the industry.

The real boxwood leaves glitter only if they are with dew on the surface. That’s the key.

Artigwall artificial hedges on balcony

Weather-resistant(UV, Wind, Rain, Snow, Low temperature)

New Generation Max 7 Beaufort (28~33 mile/h).

In extreme conditions, artificial boxwood hedge last longer and keep the foliage fresh!

Enjoy gorgeous faux greenery privacy screen! Looks great around a garden, courtyard, doorway, balcony or patio, yard!

  • Best-In-Class Limited Warranties

    Every Artigwall product comes with an industry-leading promise to withstand years of memory.

  • Free Standard Shipping

    Enjoy contactless curbside delivery for no additional cost and hassle-free 60-day returns.

  • Additional Free Accessories

    Enjoy free screwdrivers, gloves and other installation accessories, for missing parts, enjoy free reposting and free shipping.

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